Our Staff

Dan Vegso

Vice President
e:  dan@upscale-furniture.com
p:  (866) 730-0006
m: (859) 536-2324 (Call for Questions on New or Existing Orders)

Dan has been with Upscale since 2009, leading the way in building the company into a powerful force by marketing property management firms, expanding corporate housing relationships and working directly with leasing agents at apartment communities inside all six mid-western and southern states that Upscale Furniture Rental services.  Where Quality meets Affordability is affirmed daily with everyone that encounters Dan or one of his team members.

DeJuan Dumas

Warehouse Manager
e: dejuan@upscale-furniture.com
p:  (866) 730-0006
m: (859) 803-9238

UF.webMRc (800x697)Craig Harris

Warehouse Director
e: craig@upscale-furniture.com
p:  (866) 730-0006
m: (859) 420-8831

Anthony Newell

e: anthony@upscale-furniture.com
p:  (866) 730-0006
m: (859) 536-3771 (Rental Receipts, Billing or Invoice Questions)

UF.webDD (800x587)DD Stacy

Housewares Manager

e:  dd@upscale-furniture.com
p:  (866) 730-0006
m:  (859) 319-9625