Interns- How They Can Benefit Your Company

A booming economy in the Northern Kentucky region and Cincinnati area has brought with it a lot of new attractions, businesses, and plenty of opportunities for new jobs. MeetNKY board chair, Jack Brandt, says, “Amazing things have happened in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati n 2016.” With major companies coming to the area and existing ones expanding there is a huge calling for professionals from a vast array of different fields and skills. In today’s job market interning has become a popular way to fill this demand with benefits for all parties involved.

What is an Internship?

An internship is an official program offered by an employer to potential employees. Interns can work either part time or full time at a company for a temporary period of time. Internships can be paid or unpaid, if they are unpaid, they’re usually subject to stringent labor guidelines. Most internships are work experience internships, where the intern receives on-the-job training in a field that they wants to learn more about and to gain more experience.

Though employment isn’t guaranteed at the end of an internship, many employers use internships as a way to train and evaluate future employees. A 2009 NACE survey of U.S. employers with interns found that 67% of those interns were given job offers after their terms were complete.

What Are the Benefits?

Internships offer students and new grads a hands-on opportunity to work in their field of interest.They get on the job, real life training thus building a valuable experience that makes them stronger candidates for a permanent job opportunity.

An internship can also be a great way to give a certain career a “trial run”. After accepting an internship, you may find a certain job is not for you, giving you valuable insight that will help you choose a lasting and successful career path.

Employers also benefit greatly from intern programs. For a company, an internship can be used as an inexpensive recruiting strategy. Employers are able to put these possible new employees to the test as they observe their skills, talents and work ethic. The hiring process has many risks, as first impressions at an interview aren’t always accurate and can later be found to be a complete misrepresentation of the candidates actual qualifications. With an internship the company also gets to see first hand how well a potential employee works with others and how they handle the training process. Unlike a new hire, interns have received on-the-job training and are ready to go on day one without any doubt or concern if they can do the job they were hired to do.


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